Limited GIPSA Rule Escapes from Washington Gridlock

Read an update in the Committee’s Winter 2012 Newsletter on the result of USDA’s controversial rulemaking attempt to expand liability under the Packers and Stockyards Act and to reform livestock and poultry markets. 


One response to “Limited GIPSA Rule Escapes from Washington Gridlock

  1. These rules were not meant to expand liability, they were meant to reign in federal judges who continually make excuses for the elite to not have to follow the laws of the land. We are having to repeat the lessons of history by those who have captured much of the value in the industry through illegal actions. Federal judges are substituting their excuses for determinations of fact by juries. It is the 1% running the show and legalizing their frauds through liberal judges just making up or adapting excuse after excuse from the best legal advice money and power can buy.

    If anyone was to blame for the problems in our economy, it would be the judges and politicians who make up excuses for the cheaters in the economy..

    Any reasonable person would have come up with the GIPSA rules. The problem is that we have an unreasonable elite in this country willing to make excuses for those inflicting harm on the economy to satiate their greed or for competitive advantage in the market place. The elite don’t seem to ever be held accountable when they break the law. PR firms, politicians, and K Street are there to service them in their excuses. It is the tax that money and power inflict on the economy.

    Tom T.