The Next Wave of Consumer Class Actions?

Advertising and Labeling of Foods from Genetically Modified Organisms: The Next Wave of Consumer Class Actions?”, by Carmine Zarlenga and Phillip Dupré, analyzes issues arising out of a major new development in 2011 – the explosion of consumer class actions based on food labeling and advertising claims.  This recent development has given the Agriculture and Food Committee an additional area to explore as we expand our efforts relating to consumer protection issues in the food sector.  We hope to generate robust interest in this subject in 2012. The full text of the article can be found in the Agriculture and Food Committee’s Winter 2012  Newsletter, which appears on the Committee’s website. 


One response to “The Next Wave of Consumer Class Actions?

  1. John Sheppard

    I’ll skip the arguments about seeds being part of the “commons”, and get right to the point. These greedy crooks…i.e. Monsanto, DuPont,…in my opinion, are fooling with the building blocks of the universe. They are ringing bells that cannot be unrung. Monsanto’s Agent Orange was bad enough, and spoke volumes about the corporation’s ethics, but at least it didn’t reproduce itself like the corn, soy, alfalfa, etc., they are currently inflicting on the world. Words fail me, but on the other hand, what else is left to say? John