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Abraham & Veneklasen Joint Venture, et al. v. American Quarter Horse Association, Civ. No. 2-12 CV-103-J (N.D. Tex., Amarillo Div.)

On April 23, 2012, three plaintiffs who own cloned horses and the offspring of cloned horses filed a federal antitrust complaint alleging that the defendant American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) has monopolized a nationwide “market for high quality registered Quarter Horses” in violation of Sherman Act Section 2 and the Texas Free Enterprise and Antitrust Act of 1983.  Specifically, the plaintiffs challenge AQHA Rule 227, which makes horses produced by cloning ineligible for registration in the AQHA’s registry of Quarter Horses.  As a result, according to the complaint, clones and their offspring, although otherwise eligible for AQHA registration by verifiable pedigree, are excluded from all AQHA-sanctioned events.  These include approximately 8,000 sanctioned Quarter-Horse races yearly that in 2011 offered total purses exceeding $129 million.  The complaint alleges that AQHA’s enforcement of Rule 227 limits the supply and increases the price of registered Quarter Horses, harming consumers.  The plaintiffs request permanent injunctive relief and damages.